Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Morning, World


(click to embiggen) The best part of waking up is (Tatum in your cup?) finally getting a look at all Channing Tatum gave up in The Vow without having to go and, you know, watch The Vow. (via) Hello, bum! There's more after the jump.


Ryan said...

it's about time... and was worth the wait! Jesus!

TOM G said...

It’s always cause for celebration when a Hollywood stud finally gives it up on-screen after YEARS of teasing and holding out. Remember…

Jerry O’Connell in BODY SHOTS
Jake Gyllenhaal in JARHEAD
Josh Hartnett in THE BLACK DAHLIA
Ian Somerhalder in TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME
Sean William Scott in BALLS OUT
Ryan Gosling in BLUE VALENTINE
Justin Timberlake in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS

And now we can scratch Channing’s name off the list. Swoon

Funny how it never goes this way for the Brits. When they hit the A-list (Jude, Clive, Ewan, Fassy, Christian, Daniel, etc) you can usually count on them having already barred their bums if not gone all out frontal. Sigh.

Three hunks we’re still waiting to see drop trou. Ahem…

Jon Hamm
James Van Der Beek
Armie Hammer

Simone said...

I just don't get Channing. He looks mentally underdeveloped.