Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Four Hot Folks Making Funny


Rose Byrne, who I have loved since around the time of 28 Weeks Later (it was hard to love her before that when she was getting Brad Pitt's junk rubbed all on her - too much jealousy involved), and Anna Faris, who I have loved forever and ever, are making a movie together! Via Slash:

"All too often, “romantic comedies” wind up being neither romantic nor comedic. But if the recent casting is any indication, I Give It a Year seems to have the latter part down, at least. Rose Byrne and Anna Faris have joined Rafe Spall and Simon Baker in the film, written and directed by Borat scribe Dan Mazer. Byrne and Spall are set to play newlyweds trying to navigate their rocky first year of marriage, while Faris and Baker have been cast as “strong supporting characters.”

Alright so they don't seem to be co-leads, but in my imagination they will remain until the movie comes out and I ignore all the Rafe Spall and Simon Baker parts. Okay, fine. Let's step back. Did I say Rafe Spall and Simon Baker parts?

Woah ho ho it might be a little bit early for partial peen? Eh whatever. I couldn't let those top pics of Anna and Rose make this place seem too straight or anything, now could I? See a lot more of naked Rafe Spall at this link. I actually edited that picture here a smidge to make it a little less cocky. Wouldn't want to make this place not safe for work or anything now would we? (Wha?) You can see more over there. I only know Rafe via his little parts in Edgar Wright movies - apparently he plays ol' Bill Shakespeare in Anonymous but true story I could only make it half an hour into Anonymous before I shut the disc off out of immense brain-busting boredom. Yadda yadda, Anna and Rose equal awesome, Rafe Spall's penis, the end.

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