Friday, March 16, 2012

Do Dump or Marry - The Fassys of '11 Edition


It's been a glorious time to be a fan of The Fassy (except for that whole "not even being nominated for an Oscar, much less winning his deserved statue" thing). We've been swimming in riches. "Riches" meaning "severely damaged men flying off the deep end," of course. He does right by those guys. 

So let's do dump or marry his 2011 trio: There's Magneto in X-Men: Muppet Babies, there's Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, and there's Brandon in Shame. Which of these men would you have sex once with, which would you wed to for life, and which would you give the ol' heave ho? Tell in the comments!


Heather said...

Do Brandon - 'cause you know it's going to be down and dirty and sooo damn good.

Dump Rochester - meh

Marry Magneto

Jon said...

I have to concur with Heather:

Do Brandon - he'll be great in bed (but wear a condom 'cause he's been around the block so many times he charges he can give a guided tour)

Dump Mopey Rochester. He's too self-serious.

Marry Magneto - who wouldn't want a hot husband who can bend metal to his very whim?

RJ said...

DO Rochester. Bodice ripping!

DUMP Brandon. Has he been tested recently?

MARRY Magneto so I can finally realize my childhood dream of becoming an X Men villain.

Joe Reid said...

Do "Shame" guy because who doesn't want to be a part of someone's downward spiral?

Dump "Jane Eyre" guy because Zzzzzzz....

Marry Magneto and rule by his side!

John T said...

Yeah-I'm going with the consensus-though it'd be hard to do Brandon and that swagger just once, you could definitely have Magneto forever and ever and you'd probably get invited to a threeway with McAvoy at some point.

Simone said...

Marry Brandon because I would go to the sex therapist with him to get him cured. He's gorgeous, has a nice Manhattan apartment, and a great paying job.

Shag Magneto

Dump Rochester - too gloomy, and "very unattractive".

Chele Belle said...

Screw Brandon senseless. Dump Rochester. Marry Magneto...something about the barely contained imperious power he has that is a real turn on.

émilie said...

Do Brandon (my Fassynation began with Brandon, he blew my mind and I can't get him out of my head)
Marry Magneto (I like his obsessional way of thinking, it's very intense and exciting!)
Dump Rochester (actually, I haven't seen the movie yet, it will be shown in France in June...)

Georgina said...

I think that I´ve been waiting my whole life just for this Do, Dump, Marry. You´re a genious!

Do: Magnetto, let´s face it, the bad guy is always hotter.
Marry: Mr. Rochester,of course. Who doesn´t want to marry a 19th century guy that looks like Fassy?.
Dump: Brandon, just because I run out of options.