Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... monkeying around with Dominic Cooper.

It must be so strange to have some stranger on the street come up to you and hand you a little stuffed monkey. Don't you think? I'd be expecting it to split open and a little cloud of knock-out gas to spray from its innards and the next thing I'd know I was waking up in the back of a van bouncing over a dirt-road in the dark, a ball-gag between my teeth and the faint light of the dashboard illuminating the driver's giant mop of crazy-person hair in the front seat. Then again, I am paranoid, a little bit. Lesson being, don't take monkeys from strangers. It's weird. Also, yes, I gave him that monkey.

Anyway there is Dom news today! It sounds like he is not making that crime thriller Motor City with the Hughes Bothers, the one where he only had one line of dialogue the whole film - instead he's doing a movie called Cities with the director Roger Donaldson (He made Species! Plus The Bank Job and The Getaway.) and co-stars such as Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. It's about "the months before the Dow Jones stock-market high and intertwines the stories of characters around the globe, including a New York hedge fund manager, a Mumbai police officer and a couple house-hunting in London." He is replacing Clive Owen. I hope he and Orlando Bloom are playing the house-hunting couple!

Oh and there's an international version of the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer out now, and it finally has a look at Dominic in it! Hooray! I guess they think he only appeals to overseas viewers or something? Fuck that! Watch that trailer here.

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RJ said...

So is Clive Owen actually making movies now or is he just turning down roles and dropping out of things for a profession?