Monday, February 13, 2012

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... storming the surf with Aussie boys
Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville.

(click to embiggen) These are some paparazzi shots of Samuel and Frecheville (via) on the set of their movie The Gradnmothers - I edited out Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Penn, who were also there with them, and are the actual stars of the movie. Watts and Penn play neighbors and best friends who fall for each other's sons, played by the two fellows seen here. 

Samuel's best known to me because of the awesome Aussie horror flick The Loved Ones (but he's also in the Twilight movies, apparently). Frecheville was the lead in Animal Kingdom, and then turned around and became hot, which was surprising, given how convincingly not hot he was in Animal Kingdom. See several more shots of them after the jump.


Anonymous said...

My god, Xavier Samuel and Hunter Parrish need to play brothers in something. The kind of brother that make out, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Wait ... that's really the synopsis of the movie?

Jason Adams said...

anon - I thought of Parrish too! They look a lot alike with Xavier's hair this blonde.

anon 2 - As far as I can tell, yup, thats what the movie's about. Who knows what kind of tone they'll go for with that.