Friday, February 10, 2012

Jean Dujardin Eight Times


If you like Jean Dujardin - and let's agree it's obvious I do like Jean Dujardin at this point - then this is a great time to be you slash us slash we, because good god is he everywhere right now. (We could also say it's a good time to be Jean Dujardin, because duh.)

If you do not like Jean Dujardin... well, sucks to be you, frankly. (Also, you are a crazy person. How could you not like him? With the accent and the forward facing teeth and the dancing and the doggie antics? Is your heart made of stone??? You still eat Freedom Fries, don't you?)

He's even aware of the overkill, as that Funny Or Die video I posted this morning shows. Basically, he is ten steps ahead of us all, and he tap-danced his way for every single one of them. Backwards and in heels, even!

I do have to admit I kind of hope he doesn't win the Oscar now, even though he gave my favorite performance of the nominees and even though he'd give a killer speech lighting up the room with those enormous teeth of his. I'd rather he stuck around, is all, and his current omnipresence plus the Oscar, I think it might doom him before he's even gotten started here. Let's have none of that! Just give the silly thing to Brad Pitt so he and Angelina can have two statues for their stoned sex games from now on, his and hers, and me and Jean will be over in the corner whispering dirty things to each other while Brad gives his speech, y'all pay no mind.


Cinderelmo said...

Hi new plaid pants its me Cinderelmo again with my humble request hi so everytime you post something on jean dujardin I ask if you can post caps of his nude scene in his french film il ne faut du jurer de rien please he has a sexy butt shot in there please and thanks if you read this in the comment section.

Anonymous said...

I don't like him. Sorry. Seen him in the silly Pink Panther wannabe french "comedy" spy movie and now the artist which was smart as a movie because who would thought of making a movie in 2011 the way people made movies 90 years ago! The plot was charming but I don't know how to feel about the performances. I understand they over acted every single "line" of theirs and that it happened for a reason but I don't think that someone who expresses emotions like he is trying to prove smt or talk to a child should be awarded for their "performance" the dog rocked.

shawnp said...

I enjoyed the OSS films and I still hope he wins.

He's magical enough to break the curse!

Also, have you seen HeartBreaker?
Romain Duris...sigh. I read somewhere that they were doing an Englsih-speaking remake with Duris and maybe even Paradis.

Anonymous said...

shawnp I've seen one OSS movie and did not enjoy it. I think French humor is not doing it for me because I've seen other french comedies and didd not fall in love with them. I've seen heart breaker. It was smart. I don't remember Jean in it but then again the only thing I remember is how ugly the leading actor was and how awesome his sister and her husbant were!