Friday, February 24, 2012

I Am Link

--- RoboSwede - We've been threatening to do a proper gratuitous post for the Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman for nearly a year, since last April when he was cast in the Ryan Reynolds movie Safe House which just came out a couple of weeks ago. (Did it flop? I don't think I know anyone who saw it, but then, I wouldn't.) Then he was going to star opposite A Game of Thrones' Kit Harington in a movie about King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, and he drove me to one of the worst puns I've ever made. (At least I knew it was bad at the time, right? Right?) Well now Kinnaman's been offered the lead in the Robocop remake and my prescience about him no longer seems so precious. He is the world's now. 

--- D'oh Face - Behold one of the greatest visual every given to the internet: Rich at fourfour's gif-wall of Oscar losers. I can hardly even take in its scope. It is staggeringly awesome.

--- As usual, reading what my bud Sean has to say on a topic I'm familiar with - in this case, his take on the first season of Downton Abbey - is sheer joy. 

--- Space Jockies - I guess JJ Abrams is shooting Star Trek 2 right now and Slash rounded up some pictures and what-nots from the set including a hysterical in-action shot of Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch fighting. I guess Benedict must have been cast in this before I'd watched Sherlock because if I'd have watched Sherlock at that time I would surely have taken note of his casting. Well at least now that I have seen Sherlock I am very enthusastic about this. Which reminds me, I know I tweeted this same sentiment before, but let me just say here that all of you people who encouraged me to watch Sherlock are total jerks, because now I am dying for more, and there is no more yet, so I am just dying. Thanks, jerks! (Seriously though, thanks.)

--- All The Best - Joe Reid's been plugging along with his Low Res Movie Awards all week and it's so stuffed to the gills with epic goodness I can hardly stand it. I can't stand it! That is, in a good way, obviously. Seriously, though. Seriously.

--- Toga Toga - In obvious casting news, Dwayne Johnson is set to play Hercules in a new movie. Let's hope they just go dig up all of Steve Reeves old costumes for him, because otherwise what the hell would be the point?

--- Damned If You Don't - Back when Stacie announced this month's Final Girl Film Club pick I wondered if I'd ever seen Hell Night - well after reading a couple of the posts that popped up yesterday I can safely say nope I have never seen Hell Night. I should have found this out before FGFC actually happened so I could have written something up, but I'm always too dumb to keep up. Always. It's a rule, and stuff!

--- And speaking of Miss Ponder, there's a hefty interview with her to read! She talks good! Here is part one and here is part two.


Jee Jay said...

the director of 'Hell Night' - Tom DeSimone - started in movies as a director of gay porn in the 70s. He did a slew of films under his own name, and, as Lancer Brooks.

Mondz said...

Is it weird that I only find Joe Kinnaman attractive with a moustache/goatee?

joel65913 said...

The gif of the Oscar losers is endlessly fascinating. Maybe it's from practice but Meryl is an awfully good sport she always seems so happy for the other winner.

video production wwe said...


Anonymous said...

Joe Kinnaman was excellent in 'The Killing', I'm looking forward to Season 2.