Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Am Link

--- Pyle Up - We were just crowing about this the other day - we take every chance we can get - so we were very happy to see one of our longtime favorite scene-stealers Missi Pyle got some much deserved love over at The Film Experience yesterday for her hysterical performance in Spring Breakdown, a truly underrated little comedy. "It's never gonna warm you up." Classic.

--- Get So Schizo - I've been saving my first viewing of Steven Soderbergh's supposedly psychotically strange Schizopolis for a rainy day, so I am setting aside this post by Glenn as Stale Popcorn on the film and ten of its greatest moments for the day after that rainy day when I'll inevitably want to read about the movie.

--- 25 of 11 - If I started listing the parts of this list of Joe Reid's 25 Movie Moments of 2011 that I loved I would list... twenty, I had to go and count and yup, I would be listing twenty of his list. So just go read his list and save me the nonsensical business of just repeating nearly the whole thing. It's so smile inducing.

--- More Like Lex Loser - Hmm, I wonder what JA thinks about the news that Robert Downey Jr. was going to play Lex Luthor in McG's Superman movie? Could he consider it the biggest bullet dodged in the history of bullets? Could he consider the fact that we're getting Michael effing Shannon as general Zod to be approximately one billion times a better thing? Hmm, I wonder.

--- Deadites Walking - Just because it isn't a true week in time without some new random nothing from somebody associated with the Evil Dead remake, here's a couple of quotes from the lead actress on how gory and scary their version will be - she manages to display a devastating incomprehension of the Sam Raimi films at the same time - plus a little bit from Bruce Campbell too, because he's always yapping on Twitter, bless him.

--- Say Yes To The Mess - Have you guys seen the international poster for the third [REC] movie? (via) I think it's been around for a bit but I hadn't seen it until yesterday and I love it. That's it there to the left. A wedding dress dragged through gore is just a delight, innit? I hope this one lives up to the first two. I love them so. BD's got a gallery with some new pictures from the movie too.

--- A To Zombie - I saw The Ford Brothers' 2010 zombie movie The Dead about a week ago and I really want to write something up when I can, but this week's got its distractions. The movie's well worth seeing though, so seek it out. It just got released onto DVD last week, and Netflix has it. All that said go read Pax's review at Billy Loves Stu, he'll sell you better than I just did.


Adam said...

I'm interested to see your take on The Dead now. Because I thought it was awful.

RJ said...

Not a fan of RDJ? So let me get this straight ... you DON'T think the RDJ/Perry Mason movie written by the guys behind Green Lantern will be good?!?!?