Monday, February 13, 2012

I Am Link

--- From The Dead - The actor Lou Taylor Pucci has been cast in the Evil Dead remake says BD, who points out - what the hell happened to this guy? He was poised for big things a couple of years ago it seemed like and then he just seemed to vanish. Anyway, he's back, and in this, apparently.

--- Lincoln Logged - The first footage from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer showed up online over the weekend, and it's much bigger looking than I was anticipating. Then again I don't really know what I was anticipating, but I guess I mean it seems to have had some real budget. Those are actual special effects I'm seeing!

--- The Munster Move - Bryan Fuller's take on The Munsters, now called Mockingbird Lane, has been delayed from the upcoming pilot season, possibly for mid-season replacement or Summer, because NBC wants to take their time getting the show right. Let's hope that means "Let Bryan Fuller do his thing without interference, because he is awesome."

---  Three Times A Lady - The Playlist has news on Isabelle Huppert's next movie - it's with the Korean director Hong Sang-soo called In Another Country, and it sounds really interesting. She'll be playing three different characters all with the same name in the same location and interacting with the same people. If anybody could make that absolutely riveting, it's Izzy. I should add that it co-stars Yu Jun-Sang, seen there to the right, and he is handsome.

--- Hammer Headed - I saw The Woman In Black yesterday, I'll have more to say about that later I think, but for now let's just say I am very happy to have Hammer Films back in the world. DH has some quotes from the studio's president about how they might be rebooting a couple of their most familiar properties, Dracula and Quartermass. Yes, please. I would also like a lesbian vampire movie, while you're at it. Those things are a blast.

--- I Know You Are - I haven't read this yet but here's a long interview with Paul Reubens about the future of Pee Wee Herman over at AICN.

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