Friday, February 10, 2012

I Am Link

--- Counsel This - Ridley Scott is yapping his mouth already about a Prometheus sequel (all the better to get press for the first one), but now we know for real what he's really doing next, and that is the first movie script from The Road author Cormac McCarthy, something called The Counselor. And apparently Scott's been talking to his Prometheus star Michael Fassbender about being the lead in it. It sounds very Breaking Bad and/or Weeds - it's about a lawyer who thinks he can deal drugs on the side but things spiral way way out of control. As things tend to do, especially when Cormac McCarthy is involved. (pic via)

--- Paradise Really Lost This Time - John Milton can stop spinning in his grave, for now - director Alex Proyas, who made one good movie a very long time ago, is not going to make that big budget bastardization of his epic poem Paradise Lost starring Bradley Cooper as Lucifer and Benjamin Walker as the archangel Michael. The budget got out of control and the studio said no thanks.

--- Forget Fontaine - The writer of Eastern Promises has been hired to write a script for a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca. Technically I suppose he's just going to write a new adaptation of the book by Daphne DuMaurier. It's been a long long time since I read her book, so I can't remember how different the two are. As long as a tightly hair-bunned lezzie lovingly strokes some silky underthings, we're good!

--- Ghost Dad - You can't go wrong highlighting the one thing I really liked about Paranormal Activity 3 - that being hot pop Dennis, played by Christoper Nicholas Smith, who we'll hopefully get to see in something else sometime. Preferably he'll bring along those jeans to his next job. Or, you know, less, much less, far far less.

--- White Rice - Because Edward Zwick hasn't made enough movies about the experiences of non-white people shown to us through the eyes of a white person, he's setting up a movie about the building of The Great Wall in China, starring who else but that renowned Asian specimen Henry Cavill. I mean I love me some Henry Cavill, but come on. I can't wait for his movie about slaves starring Matthew Broderick... oh wait, nevermind.

--- And finally, have you seen this video of Jean Dujardin auditioning for his next roles? Love it. He's such a sex beast.



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Dad from Paranormal Activity 3 is part of a sketch comedy troupe here in NYC called the Harvard Sailing Team and I've seen him live a few times. He's fantastic.

This is their best stuff: