Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I Am Link

--- White Gunk shooting everywhere, it's the return of Spider-Man! And not just any Spider-Man, but the one that slapped Andy Garfield ass in spandex. Can't go wrong... well, maybe you can, who knows. There's a new trailer for the movie, watch it over here. I will see this movie because of my love for Garfield and for Emma Stone, but I found that first trailer that was all Spidey's POV as he flew between buildings more exciting than this more generic set-up one. Things I like here: the casting seems fun (Dennis Leary especially pops out), and the gymnastic fight scenes with Peter Parker flipping all around bug-like are nifty. But I hope they actually use that POV shot from the early trailer in the film, I was really looking forward to it, and it seemed a nice way to differentiate this from Raimi's films.

--- Man Or Machete - Robert Rodriguez is teaming up with Danny Trejo to make the Machete sequel nobody was clamoring for! Gosh I hope they bring back Jessica Alba, I really want that girl to keep getting work, don't you? (GAH.) Alright I kind of liked Machete, but e makes this while a version of Rose McGowan as Red Sonja rots in my memory and I get bitter, is all.

--- Filled With Dredd - I love Karl Urban but I think it's probably impossible to translate Judge Dredd into anything that doesn't seem dated and ridiculous, so these new pictures from the new film seem... dated and ridiculous, basically. 

--- The Runner Man - Not surprising, except for the fact that it took well over twenty-four hours to happen, is the news that the rumor that Harrison Ford would be in Ridley Scott's new Blade Runner movie was a whole lotta poppycock. Stop stop voting on that poll I posted, it's poppycock! Poppycock!

--- Spook Pysch - James Wan's movie about those paranormal investigators that worked on the Amityville house has a new name - it's now called The Warren Files, which if you ask me is better than what it was going to be called, which was The Conjuring. I didn't like The Conjuring, it sounds like some sort of role-playing card game. they've also cast the little kids for the movie, one of whom will hopefully be a serial depantser, constantly yanking down Patrick Wilson's drawers on screen. What? I have to come up with these things, it keeps me alive.

--- Muscle Mountain - A few new pictures from John Carter are online, see 'em here. They're not that exciting, since there's only minimum Taylor Kitch beefcake. So instead, check out this new shot of The Rock in the new GI Joe movie, in which he looks ridiculously huge. Big guys like this aren't usually my thing and yet I would climb right up The Rock and plant a flag on his head (if by "a flag" I mean... yeah, that). 

--- Ready Streep Go - If you haven't seen it already head over to The Film Experience where Nat had his readership rank their favorites of Meryl Streep's Oscar nominated performances. Here's where I admit that I have never seen Sophie's Choice. I know, I know. It's just sounds SO depressing, and not in a fun let's watch the world blow up Melancholia way. If I were ranking my favorites, Silkwood would easily be number one. I fucking worship Silkwood, it's a perfect movie and she's spectacular in it.

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joel65913 said...

You are so right to be leery of Sophie's Choice. Meryl is brilliant in it absolutely one of her best performances but when I had finished watching it and actually several times during it I felt like the film had ripped my heart out and left it bleeding. Worthwhile but profoundly depressing.
The poll was great fun and encouraged me to check out some of the films I had missed.