Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How Have I Never Seen, Two Times

Firstly, how have I never seen these pics
of Adam Scott and Paul Rudd?

Look at them, doing their best Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream pose. Ass to ass! Ass to ass! Anyway how? How is that possible that I'm just seeing these, I ask you? It doesn't make any sense. It is nonsense! Nonsense, I say! Alright that aside I love them, and life is better with them in it. So that's nice.


Secondly, how have I never seen Adam Scott's part 
as one of Michael C. Hall's boyfriends in Six Feet Under?


You can watch it all here, somebody was kind enough to gather up his scenes into one video. I suppose this is my fault, since I still haven't seen any of Six Feet Under except half of the first season. I know, I know. But who knew Adam Scott had such a storied gay make-out past? First I make ado over his kissing scene with Eion Bailey in Seven and a Match, and now this. And it... it is nice too. I made a couple more gifs from it, with bonus shirtless Adam Scott included, see them after the jump.


And a happy birthday to Michael C. Hall today, too!


Jasper said...

David was SUCH a dick to him. I was so distressed that was a one-episode-only appearance, though at least we got a couple flashes of him getting dressed or whatever.

shaun said...

Yeah, I recognized Adam when I rewatched Six Feet a couple years ago...David was AWFUL to him!

Sean said...

God I miss that show. It is so strange, my friend and I were talking about this show last night. We were in a bar last night and they played "Breathe Me" by Sia - the song that plays over the Series Finale ending and I actually teared up. The best ending to show ever. LOVE IT! I know it sounds corny, but watching that show I almost felt like a part of the family, and I am normally not that crazy! Maybe I need therapy.