Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So This Is A Conversation That Happened


This is amazing. Via an interview 
with David Cronenberg over at The Playlist:

When Ivan Reitman was planning a movie called "Twins," he called up his longtime friend and former compatriot. The conversation went something like this, according to Cronenberg:
Ivan: "I hear you're making a movie called 'Twins.'"
David: "Yeah, it's about these twin gynecologists."
Ivan: "I want to make a movie called 'Twins' as well."
David: "Oh, really?"
Ivan: "Yeah, and I need the title more than you do. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, twins. That's the sell."
David: "I can see that."
Ivan: "So we can't both have movies called 'Twins.'"
David: "OK. How much?"
Reitman ended up paying Cronenberg for the use of the title, and Cronenberg changed the title of his 1988 film to "Dead Ringers," which was now financed by "Twins" money. "And they both did OK, on their own levels," Cronenberg chuckled.
I'd love to theorize a mash-up of the two movies in words but my memories of the Schwarzenegger movie are so blurry - I haven't seen it since I was a kid, although I'm sure I saw it several times since I recall my mother loving it - I can't really think up any good gags. Except for the part where Jeremy Irons investigates Danny Devito's sensitive parts with an oblong razor-toothed speculum of sorts, of course. That's a given. (That's always a given.)


scroggins said...

What did your mother think of Dead Ringers?

Captain Howdy said...

A David Cronenberg remake of Junior? That's where my mind went while reading this post.