Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Moment I Fell For... Greta Gerwig


I've got director Ti West on the brain today due to all the buzz from Sundance on his new anthology movie V/H/S, hence this (which I can't believe I never wrote up before anyway). I'd seen Greta in the movie Baghead, which she's also wonderful in, before seeing her in this, but it was this role here in The House of the Devil that got me hooked. In my review way back when I rhapsodized on an earlier scene in the film where Greta and Jocelyn Donahue eat some pizza and chat like besties, which is a great scene and is, to me, one of the lynchpins for why this movie works so well - we come to really like these two girls, and don't want anything bad to happen to them - but it's this slightly later moment with Gerwig alone that sealed my eternal adoration of her. They've gotten to the spooky old house and she's been left alone while Donahue gets a tour, and all she does is try a piece of old candy that's in a dish across from the sofa, but it's all so natural and charming and funny, her grossed-out reaction, that my heart fluttered with affection, never to turn back.


Jasper said...

Oh my god, Greta Gerwig eating that slice of pizza is one of the best parts of that movie, and I'm not even being facetious.

Anonymous said...

She was terrible in the remake of Arthur (which I just fast forwarded through on HBO). I felt bad for her.