Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love! Amour! Dispassion!

So here's a post that's so far overdue it's straight up obscene. It's making me sick to my stomach actually, that I put it off for so long. Sick! To my stomach! Maybe this is why I spent all weekend tossing cookies, I knew this was coming. And yes, I am being seriously overdramatic, don't worry, I am not announcing I've become a lesbian or anything. (Not yet, at least.) No all this is is an acknowledgement of how I have failed my personally appointed position as up-with-it Michael Haneke reporter, and how ashamed I am of it. He came up in conversation with Joe Reid several weeks ago and I admitted I hadn't looked around to find out what was happening with him in ages - looking thru the archive I see out last post on his supposed new film was all the way back in November of 2010! The shame.

At that point he and Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant had confirmed a love story set amongst the olds would be filming within a few months. And then poof! Not until Kirtsen Dunst called Haneke the director she'd most like to work with just yesterday did I post on him again. The shame. And now today the inertia has turned and I see over at Stale Popcorn a mention of Amour getting Australian distribution and I'm all, what the hell is Amour? Last I knew the film was called These Two, but obviously as I've just explained the last I knew was a year and a half ago, so I know nothing. Nothing! The shame.

So the film's been renamed Amour (or Love, if anyone really needs that translated) and it is out in Belgium and France in May. That's right when Cannes is happening, I wonder if it will have any presence there? I'll just hop right in my Lear Jet if so! (You can tell I don't have a Lear Jet by the way I got very confused inside my head about how much of "Lear Jet" I needed to capitalize.) So that's where we are with Michael Haneke anyway. A new movie with his Piano Teacher star out sometime this year! Looking at the film's IMDb page I see it co-stars William Shimmell, who was so wonderful opposite Juliette Binoche in Certified Copy. Rad. Although I'm still hoping for that movie totally invented by me where he films Huppert versus Binoche, with the former making the latter cry for two exquisite hours. Cinematic heaven, it would be!

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