Friday, January 27, 2012

Liam Neeson Then And Now


Alright so those pictures are actually more "Then and Slightly Less Then," but I think you'll forgive me since he looks hot in those pictures. Anyway over at Celebrity Beehive I am ruminating upon the Old Liam Neeson (that is, the Younger Liam Neeson, the one who starred in Serious Movies like Schindler's List) and the New Liam Neeson (that is the Old Liam Neeson, who turns 60 in a few months, starring in the likes of The A-Team and Taken).

Why am I yammering on about Liam Neeson? Because he is out there punching wolves in this weekend's new release The Grey, that's why. I hadn't paid any attention to this movie until this week - I don't begrudge Liam Neeson making some money for himself, he seems a good fellow so go to town, good sir, but I don't especially feel inclined to go see his movies these days either. Only now I am hearing excellent things about The Grey - Roger Ebert gives it 3.5 stars and says "I sat regarding the screen with mounting dread" - and might end up going after all. I mean, I like a good "dudes getting eaten by wolves" flick as much as the next guy! (Hopefully the next guy like that a whole lot.)

Other movies out this weekend: One For the Money with That Blonde Everybody Except Joe Reid Professes To Hate But Then Her Movies Seem To Keep Making Money And I Don't Understand, and Man on a Ledge with Sam "My Middle Name Is Blah" Worthington. Read all about them, or rather read my rambling thoughts vaguely based upon them since I haven't seen any of them, over at Celebrity Beehive!

I'm going to take this opportunity to mention another movie that I didn't mention over there though - the sequel to the 1973 classic horror freak-out The Wicker Man, from the same director and called The Wicker Tree, is apparently out this weekend too! I know it is here in New York, at least - I can't imagine it's getting that wide of an opening so I can't really say "At a theater near you!" with this one. Unless you're me, or near me, since as I just said it is open here in New York. Anyway. Yes, please, I will gobble this one right up. All I needed to know I found out from this capture I took from the movie's IMDb page:

Even better is that Miss Honeysuckle Weeks (I want her to marry Benedict Cumberbatch and become Honeysuckle Weeks-Cumberbatch so bad) is playing a character named "Lolly." There aren't enough Lollys in my life. I'm going to start calling my boyfriend Lolly. (That is, if he's not already named Lolly. You don't know!)

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