Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Can't Liv If Livvin' Is Without Liv


Alright so apparently today is a day for titling my posts after random ass songs. Why not? This news broke yesterday but I was too busy pressing my eyeballs against my computer screen where I'd entrapped a thousand images of her Strangers co-star Scott Speedman to mention this - Liv Tyler has taken the lead role in House of the Devil and Innkeepers director Ti West's new movie, currently called The Side Effect. We had mentioned this movie the other day since Ti had mentioned in an interview that it was what he was planning on doing next, but now we've got a little more info on it, plot-wise:

"Tyler will play Catherine Rigby, an outer space test subject for a pharmaceutical company that, after taking a new drug, mysteriously becomes pregnant and has to deal with the mounting fears of what has really transpired."

So Rosemary's Baby... In Space! Actually it doesn't really sound anything much like Rosemary's Baby at all, besides Rosemary being the go-to shorthand for "Pregnancy is freaking me the fuck out!" movies. But it sounds rife with possibility! And Ti does claustrophobia well, which is usually why anybody makes a movie in space, in order to contain someone in ever smaller spots. But this time there's a baby on board! Dun dun dun.

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