Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Am Link

--- Conjuring Couple - Just yesterday we told you about Patrick Wilson reteaming with Insidious director James Wan along with Vera Farmiga for The Conjuring, a tale of a couple of real-world paranormal investigators and frauds - today we hear that Office Space's Ron Livingston and The Haunting remake's Lili Taylor (Never Forget) are also in talks to join it. They'll play the people getting haunted who call in Patty & Vera for aid. If Lili starts talking to cherubs in the curtains, I'm out.

--- Hell Day - So happy to have Final Girl restarting the Film Club after a bit of a hiatus - February 13th is the date and Hell Night is the movie. I cannot remember if I've seen Hell Night before or not, so a rewatch is surely in order.

--- Kim Bits - I think I mention this every time I link to something at Sunset Gun, but I only go over there every couple of months since Kim doesn't update that often, and then I've got like five or six wonderful pieces to chew on, and it is a delight. So goes this time - here's Kim talking about Melancholia (plus a list of the rest of her 2011 faves), here she is talking about Hitchcock's blondes, and here she is talking about Stanley Kubrick's final masterpiece Eyes Wide Shut, which I still can't believe is as underrated as it is.

--- Hello Goodbye - io9's list of movies we'll probably never ever get to see because of their irretrievable histories is fascinating.

--- DaKayed - A couple great things from Glenn at Stale Popcorn to link to: here's his take on the wonderful little gay romance Weekend, notable for its inclusion of gifs of White Collar's Tim DeKay stripping his clothes off in the gay movie Big Eden. I had never seen Tim with his clothes off, and now I need to see much much more. And here's Glenn talking about the possibility of a fifth Scream movie, a dream he had about what it would be (and it's a great idea), and his worthwhile affection for Hayden Panettiere's movie buff Kirby in the fourth movie.

--- Video Dream - This review I am linking to over at AICN has spoilers so I haven't even read it myself, but I'm using it as an opportunity to say I have read the headlines about the new anthology horror movie V/H/S that just played at Sundance and Oh my god I want it right now!!! I actually already mentioned it the other week - the director of the one of the segments is Ti West, so obviously I was going to want to watch this thing anyway. But the reviews have been, judging solely from the headlines to avoid spoilers, stellar, and now I will spend however many endless months waiting for this to get released whining about it. So I am preparing you for my whining basically. Be prepared!

--- Over and Evil Out - Phil Collins' daughter Lily has had to drop out of the Evil Dead remake due to some kind of a scheduling conflict. I think it's really because of that disturbing gif I made when I first heard the news of her casting, to be honest. Who will they get to replace her? Someone I actually like? Stay tuned!

--- And finally, I was inspired by Nathaniel's talk at Towleroad of the 1927 silent classic and first Best Picture winner Wings' release onto BluRay this week to make this gif, the end.



Sandisan said...

Tim DeKay was QUITE naked in that HBO show Tell Me You Love Me. So was Adam Scott. It's kind of a brutal show to watch, but there was a lot of nekkidness!

Jason Adams said...

I knew Adam Scott was in it, I've seen those clips, but not DeKay. New reason to waste an hour, hooray!

scroggins said...

That io9 article is a treasure trove of peculiar facts and completely mind-bogglingly unlikely and bizarre movie plots
("...this revenge story involves a truly awesome-looking gorilla with a human face grafted upon it...", "...involved a demolitions expert who blew up lesbians)...", " eight-foot high insect wandering a Martian landscape is attacked by blue-skinned aliens (led by NBA All-Star Nate Thurmond) as a cowboy plays Wabash Cannonball...", "...Wrestling legend Bull Montana plays a murderous gorilla with a human brain transplant who is tracked by a feisty newspaper reporter...", "...the legendary monster movie in which marijuana transforms a man into a mutant turkey) and Flesh Feast (where Veronica Lake, in her final role, uses revitalizing facial maggots to zombify the corpse of Adolf Hitler)..."

scroggins said...

Also, I'm surprised he didn't mention Hitchcock's The Mountain Eagle.

Melissa said...

I also recall some decent Tim DeKay gratuitousness in HBO's Carnivale.

Wyatt Renfro said...

As the other commenters said, Tim DeKay went full front in Tell Me You Love Me. It was a SIGHT to see.

He was quite topless in Carnivale.

I did fall in love with him when I saw Big Eden.

You should see it as you are reading this.