Thursday, January 19, 2012

He Don't Eat Meat But He Sure Likes The Bone

Ah crap now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. Why do I do these things to myself??? Ahem. I have never read any of Jeff Smith's cult comic book Bone, but I am familiar with it existing. I have seen the little white blob character that may or may not be named Bone many times. Another single-word-titled thing I haven't personally experienced (in this case, seen) but am familiar with is the television program Greek. What do these two things have in common suddenly that's of import to me? The answer is Muriel's Wedding. That is, its director. Via THR:

"Patrick Sean Smith, who created the ABC Family show Greek, is jumping into features. Smith has been tapped to write Bone, Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the cult-favorite Jeff Smith comic book that now has P.J. Hogan attached to direct.

... The comic follows three cousins from the Bone family, small, bald and humanlike creatures with big noses. The trio are run out of their hometown and find themselves in a mysterious valley where they are separated and hunted by other creatures. They are taken in by a girl named Thorn and her grandmother, and they find out that the valley is threatened by an evil force called the Lord of the Locusts.

The comics were published from 1991 to 2004 but were rediscovered by a new generation when Scholastic began putting out trade paperbacks (aka the graphic novel format), selling million copies.

... Hogan will likely polish the script after Smith and the plan is for him to direct the movie in Australia, the home of both Hogan and Animal Logic. The company was the animation house behind Happy Feet 2 and Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole."

Hogan just made a movie starring Muriel herself Toni Collette called Mental, which I need to be watching like right this very minute, but it'll probably be out some time later this year, fingers crossed. It's not that strange a step for Hogan to be making an animated movie like this, since he did make the wonderful 2003 version of Peter Pan - he's dazzled with kiddie stuff before, that is.


Joe Reid said...

Thanks for making me look that song up. Jerk.

Jason Adams said...

If I can get even just one person to waste five minutes of their day looking up Deadeye Dick, then I have accomplished something. Something!

zyzzyva said...

I loved the Bone comic growing up. It is quite hilarious, especially the Rat Creatures, the vicious, yet bumbling predators (one has an inexplicable fondness for quiche). However, I'm not sure how a movie would be done as the story is fairly epic in scope -- lots of mythology. I'll bet they're trying for a trilogy, as I really can't see how they could jam everything into one film (even with a hatchet job...). I really hope it will be straight animation and won't be motion capture, though.

Lizou said...

I've read Bone and it was great! I'm excited by this news. Even though you're not familiar with the graphic novel I'm so glad you found this news. Thanks so much!