Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adam Scott & Eion Bailey Totally Making Out


It is what it is. (And what it is is blowing my mind.) It's from a 2001 movie called Seven and a Match, and you can watch the entire scene here. I'd seen (and posted) caps from the scene before, but never got it in motion until now. The scene also involves Eion Bailey's head resting on Adam Scott's dick for an extended period of time, so there's that. I mean, here's that:


Basically this is the best most important couple of minutes put on film ever. Or you know one of the thousand times I've said that (and I've meant it every time!). It also led me to notice that somehow I'd gotten slack in my posting pictures of Eion Bailey - I thought I'd been thorough, since he's woefully underused and I figured I'd been able to keep up, but a glance through what we've posted before and what else I could post told me otherwise. Let us fix that right now, then. Hit the jump for nineteen more pictures of lovely fuzzy under-appreciated Eion...


Tea said...

Hey! Random comment is random--but anyway! I just wanted to say that I'm the person who uploaded the video of Adam and Eion making out, and here's the fun thing: the first time I saw any kind of footage of this scene, it was on your blog. So your blog was what inspired me to buy the DVD and to make some of its content *cough* available to others.

x Tea

JA said...

Really, Tea? That's awesome! It's all circle of life. :)

Remington said...

So I definitely netflixed "Seven and a Match" immediately after seeing this post, haha. I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner. I watched it last night and it's actually a really great movie. Despite having a completely different plot, it reminded me of "The Romantics". Only it was good instead of crappy. Point is, I really loved the movie and while that kissing scene was a main reason, I'm happy to say it wasn't the only reason.