Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That's A Mighty Big Gun There, Dwayne


Yesterday was so Channinglicious I figured it'd be best if I watched the new GI Joe: Retaliation trailer this morning just in case there was a repeat of how he got oiled up and exploited in the trailer for the first GI Joe movie, and yet there's hardly any Channing at all to be seen here. It's all Rock-ified! Not that I can't understand why - it seems strange that reality itself didn't crumble apart when they got the first GI Joe movie made without The Rock in it.

But the real and true star of the trailer - besides that shot of ninjas fighting on ropes on the side of a cliff, because that shit is really really cool looking - is obviously longtime MNPP love Byung-hun Lee, who plays Storm Shadow. Allergic to shirts and prone to excessive glistening, he's the action figure we'd most want to mash up our action figure against.

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