Thursday, December 08, 2011

Khan!!! Oh, Khan


The villain in the first Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams was played by perennial hot piece Eric Bana. His head was shaved and he grunted a lot and it was a semi-erotic experience. Now comes word that the villain in the second Star Trek movie might be played by Carlos star Edgar Ramirez, and I am prepped for a repeat! Look at him! Plus he's super talented to boot.

I wasn't entirely sold on them reusing Khan as a villain - it didn't seem necessary to dip into that well again when 1) He'd been done justice just fine in the 1982 film, and 2) There are so many good villains in the Trek universe they could give their due. But now, with Ramirez possibly tapped, any and all hesitations go bye-bye big time. Bring him on! Oh and did Eric Bana's character die in the first movie? It's been so long I can't even remember. Well they should find a way for them to "team up." Even if he died, they introduced time travel last time, they can find a way. Find a way!

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Steven said...

SO on board with this casting!