Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Evils Of Men


Have you guys seen this set of videos at The New York Times with a bunch of current somebodies briefly acting out movie villains of the past? It's pretty delightful, I must concede. Their format's a little wonky so I transferred a trio of highlights over to YouTube. They are Brad Pitt as Eraserhead, Ryan Gosling as The Invisible Man, and Jean Dujardin as one of the Green Street Hooligans (mmm Charlie Hunnam in Hooligans) which seems an odd pick besides being an excuse to get him in a tank top and to bounce around, which I shockingly am totally good with.



Tara said...

The videos are done really well. Michael Shannon as Gordon Gekko is brilliant.

menyc said...

Saw these today and they are great - was stumped a couple o' times. And I agree - Jean dJ: who knew he was smmmokkkkkkin' hot! Dayum.