Friday, December 02, 2011

And The Feeling's Right Oh Yes It's Fassy Night


For those of us who live in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, or within driving reach of any of those places (and since Michael Fassbender's penis is involved here, you know that's a loooong reach) we can right this minute see Steve McQueen's movie Shame. Right now! Did I say right now? Holy shit BYE. ... Okay okay I've already seen it once, I can wait a moment or two, let an uninitiated have my seat at the first few showings. But make no mistake - that is MY seat and I will be there to claim it soon. I'll scratch your mother-loving eyes out if you get in my way!

The weird thing is, Shame is only opening on nine screens this weekend but it's easily the highest profile new release. Otherwise the studios seem to be relying on the reach of last week's Thanksgiving clusterfuck of new releases to keep them going. The Muppets and Hugo and so on. But you can read about that in my post at Celebrity Beehive this week. You can! And you should.

Now comes the waiting game for some kind soul to snap a few pictures in a Shame screening and post 'em to the internet. I can't believe half a day has passed and it hasn't happened yet! Come on, world! What is this, the year 50 BC? Am I writing this on a stone tablet with a tool made from the bones of a pterodactyl's wing which is then dipped in tyrannosaur blood? Cuz if I am holy shit that's cool!


BoyFromOz said...

For me shame is that I have to wait till February 24 to see this movie in the theater. Becouse in my country this is time when "Shame" will come out. So I have to be patient. Lucky U!

Lizou said...

So I'm a day late checking your blog, so sorry, but to my lovely surprise I was rewarded with the chiseled jaw Fassy staring at me a mere 20 minutes after seeing Shame. I live in DC, hooray! I went on a long distance date with a friend, she's in NYC, and we're going to Skype review the movie shortly. I'm going to point her, for about the 9th time, to your blog.
First reaction to the film, wow the music!

I've been a long time fan and usually leave anonymous comments, but I found my username, blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

When's his cock going to end up online?

Gabriel said...

I just wanna say that I have come here a thousand times over the weekend just to stare at that pic. It makes me feel good. Thank you.