Thursday, November 17, 2011

Michael Fassbender Ten Times


Ooh yes, tis a good time to be a fanatic of Fassy's. Most of these are from FF where Simone posted and capped the behind-the-scenes video of Michael talking to GQ for their Men of the Year issue, which he's one of the cover-men for. The other two, the top and bottom shots, I took from GQ directly, where you can read his interview too. I haven't read it yet, I will do so over my lunch, which I put off while I gathered up these pictures, which granted is not a bad way to spend time at all but I'm getting a little delirious with hunger at this point. Hunger! Like that movie he made! Next comes Shame, I suppose? That is usually how I feel after I devour lunch, so it makes sense. Fassy can apply to all aspects of your life, see? I am living proof. Okay I go eat now.


shawnp said...

Good Lord. Just start referring to him as The Bulge.

Jason Adams said...

Seriously, the shading in that top picture is RIDICULOUS. Good grief!