Monday, November 28, 2011

I Am Link

--- Martian Man - Some more pictures from Pixar's John Carter of Mars movie hit the internet over the long weekend, and they give us a lil' more Taylor Kitsch beefcake to sink our teeth into. Not to mention Woola! All hail Woola.

--- Wiggin' Out - This is a week old but I never got around to linking - Glenn got to see Dolly Parton in concert, and it's just as splendid as you'd think. Bless her.

--- Foxy Lady - MNPP bud Jarett got to talk to the gal playing Foxface in The Hunger Games on a red carpet, and here is what she had to say about that. The movie, I mean.

--- Foster Cares - Over at The Film Experience Nat interviewed Ben Foster and he's about as reluctant an interview subject as you'd suppose him to be, but Nat gets some good stuff out of him. He's a big Melancholia fan, which I've been jonesing to see again something bad. I don't know if I'd be able to resist asking him to trot out his Freaks and Geeks character, and I don't think that would go over well.

--- In Or Out - This is non-news, but Colin Firth's confirmed sort of that he's considering the role of antagonist in Spike Lee's Oldboy movie, against Josh Brolin. But he hasn't made up his mind, or something.

--- Chopped - I can't even believe somebody even bothered to think through it enough to think that remaking the delightfully horrible but very very very much of its time Chopping Mall is a good idea. And they're not even keeping the robots! I mean, what's the point?

--- Oh Boy Byzantium - Neil Jordan is making a vampire movie starring Saoirse Ronan? Plus cutie Sam Riley? I am there.

--- Vagabond Shoes - I'm sure we'll be seeing dozens of these everywhere for the next couple of weeks as the film gets released, but for now here's a nice chat with Shame director Steve McQueen and Shame star Michael Fassbender over at AICN. I like the bit about Carey's "New York New York" moment. I'm dying to see the movie a second time.

--- Daisy Chains - And speaking of Carey Mulligan, here she is talking about being nervous herself to play an iconic character like Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby movie. I love her and I have high hopes for her performance, but she's right to be nervous about it. People have their knives out already.

--- Suited Up - Christopher Nolan finished shooting The Dark Knight Rises last week and THR got some words from Batman himself Christian Bale about hanging up the rubber suit. That's nice and all but what I'm noticing is how hot he's looking in the suit there. Have they done some alterations? Some sexy alterations? because I don't remember him looking that good in it before. It doesn't even need nipples.

--- And finally, Poltergeist II made Post-Mortem Depression angry. Very angry. Find out how angry at this link. It is a terrible movie (and not terrible-awesome like the third one), but I give it a lot of leeway for Kane and the tequila worm business which grossed/freaked me out as a kid hardcore.


Jee Jay said...

"Neil Jordan is making a vampire movie"

of course, you mean another vampire movie since Mr. Jordan directed Interview with A Vampire back in 1994. A movie that, unfortunately, probably has to share some blame for the sparkly undead on the big screen today.

Hm, does that mean the pop fad of 2031 will be the high school antics of pre-Christian Mediterranean bloodsuckers? Urk.

bcarter3 said...

The brilliant thing about Chopping Mall was Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov's re-creation of the Paul and Mary Bland characters they originated in Eating Raoul.

Bartel's dead, and it won't be the same w/o them.

timothy grant said...

Thanks Jason! Agreed Julian Beck is great. The tequila-vomit monster is good. The toy phone is creepy and the homicidal braces are not too bad. But overall, much, much worse than what I had remembered. Part 3 was much more fun to re-watch because it isn't trying to be in the same league.