Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Am Link

--- The Bitter Tears Of Timberlake - I have no doubt that Ryan Gosling is an active participant in situating his hot-ass hipster image into the endearing little space it now inhabits, but that still doesn't mean I won't read this tidbit from an interview with Justin Timberlake as the sourest of grapes about his own "acting" career not quite reaching the heights of his former Mouseketeer buddy. Because I can! Stuff a dick in it, Justin.

--- Lil' Ladies - Saving this to read later: Rich at fourfour got to judge a child beauty pageant! Holy mother of crap that is awesome.

--- Scots Free - Saving this to watch later: The trailer for Pixar's Brave is now online. After not liking about half of Up and liking Toy Story 3 but not loving it and then not having any desire at all to see Cars 2 (even though I liked the first film more than msot people did, there's no way I'm encouraging the scourge of Larry the Cable Guy thank you very much), I am ready to love a Pixar movie again, so I really want to love this. The fact that it's got their first female lead character and that she's voiced by Kelly MacDonald instills a lot of positivity already.

--- Criss Cross - Some pics and a poster for Kristen Wiig's next movie Imogene showed up online today and I wrote about my feelings about that or whatever over at The Film Experience earlier this afternoon. I will take this opportunity to post that picture of Darren Criss from Glee since he's in the movie and otherwise I don't get to speak of him. Or that is, to gawk at him.

--- Fairest Of Pharoahs - David Fincher is still maybe gonna make a Cleopatra movie, and now it will maybe be written by the writer of his worst movie to date, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

--- Come On Ride It - Bong Joon-ho, the director of The Host (blecch) and Mother (not blecch), is prepping his next project called Snowpiercer, about a society that resides on a train after some kind of apocalypse. It's based on a French graphic novel, and will be filmed in the Czech Republic. It's gonna be produced by Park Chan-wook, and it'll feature Song kang-ho, who starred in several films for Bong and Park, in a "Han Solo-like" role.

--- Ten Gallon Testosterone - Is there any look that doesn't immediately become fetishized just by having Hugh Jackman wear it? Because after seeing this shot of him dressed up like a ridiculous cowboy car salesman for his new movie Butter, now I immediately have a cowboy car salesman fetish where one never existed before.

--- Must Be Bunnies - The 10 year anniversary of the "Once More, With Feeling" musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer just happened, which is so insane I can't even believe it. How is that possible? TEN YEARS? Anyway while I'm over here feeling ancient, you should check out The Film Experience top ten relating to the episode, and then see if you can stop yourself from immediately seeking out the episode to watch. I couldn't.

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Sean said...

Oh, my blood pressure is up. Two things I serioulsy hate - Timberlake and Button! Wow, I need to take an aspirin stat!