Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Morning, World


Y'all remember how I actually sat in a room with Michael Fassbender a few weeks back? How I was inches, literally INCHES, away from him? (Hell you could say I was less  than a Fassbender-penis length away from him.)(Well you could.) I can finally talk about it now that A Dangerous Method's coming out this week! So stay tuned for my interview later today...

Since that interview is not the place for unprofessional psychotic breaks though let me just say here - OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. He laughed at something I said and he looked me in the eyes and his foot touched mine under the table one time. That means we are married, doesn't it? I think there are courts that will judge that to mean we are totally and officially married. Awesome. How do you feel about our instantaneous betrothal, Fassy?



Sandisan said...

You lucky, lucky bastard.

Jee Jay said...

He looked a little thin in the pics you posted last week. The next time you get together with him, see if you can convince him to eat something.

That's Not What I Meant!!!

Simone said...

You had foot sex with Fassy?