Friday, November 04, 2011



(click to embiggen)(although Fassy barely needs embiggening!) I made mention of this memorably moving feast back when X-Men Muppet Babies came out, but now that the DVD's out I figured it was time to post some proper swinging caps. I need to find out when costume designer Sammy Sheldon's birthday is so I can send him flowers. He did us right! Although I imagine measuring Michael Fassbender's inseam was gift enough. And looking through his credits he also fit Aaron Johnson into his Kick Ass accouterments and made over Charlie Cox in Stardust! Basically he's followed around director Matthew Vaughn and costumed all the hot dudes Vaughn throws at him. What a job.


Anonymous said...

he can fuck me with that

Anonymous said...

No way in hell I could take all that..