Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wickedest Man In The World!


Renowned occultist Aleister Crowley was born 136 years ago today, and it seems kinda nutty that nobody's ever made a bio-pic about him, doesn't it? He's been broadly fictionalized as a figure of horror time and again - Adrian Marcato, anyone? - but from as far as I can tell nothing too substantial's ever been done on him, which is a shame. He was a... colorful figure. A horrible man, really, but in a hundred really fascinating ways. Like take this bit of poetry:

To feel him clamber on me, laid
Prone on the couch of lust and shame,
To feel him force me like a maid
And his great sword within me flame,
His breath as hot and quick as fame;
To kiss him and to clasp him tight;
This is my joy without a name,
A strong man’s love is my delight.

To feel again his love grow grand
Touched by the langour of my kiss;
To suck the hot blood from my gland
Mingled with fierce spunk that doth hiss,
And boils in sudden spurted bliss;
Ah! God! the long-drawn lusty fight!
Grant me eternity of this!
A strong man’s love is my delight!

(via) Goodness gracious, Al. Horndog. That was published in 1898! Anyway you can read more about him here. Looking at those pictures up top of him as a young man I can't really think of an actor to play him. Can you? They'd want somebody with big scary eyes, of course.


Steven Altis said...

I would say that Lukas Haas could maybe make for a passable Crowley.

Pax Romano said...

"Every man and every woman is a star."

nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Michael Shannon? Or maybe it's just that I want more of Michael Shannon in general.

Prospero said...

I've been shopping a screenplay about Crowley for years. I've been told point-blank - "No one cares about this guy anymore."

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise. He has the scary eyes down pat.

Jason Adams said...

Wow really, Prospero? Tell them I said it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

i actually really do believe i could do that role without much effort or structural camouflage needed' as him in the younger pics especially the beardy fucker one'i pride myself on my intensity most days too! and have the glare and depth of stare only previously seen in the eyes of a mr A.hitler in full on ranting at a rally teutonic werewolf mode,well it says this and more in my c.v anyway i should get this role ' make a fucking film someone ok then give me a ring when you need me ok thanks' now say the magik word simsalabimbumbazallalalabim x3 and your nearly fucking there till then im getting the fuck off 'seya ta