Thursday, October 13, 2011

War Will Be A Big Hit

The trailer for McG's This Means War starring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as spies who both fall for Reese Witherspoon and then fight over her has arrived!

And if you ask me, this thing is destined for success. Perhaps I'm blinded by Tom's lips - when aren't I - but it seems like a clever idea with a hugely appealing cast - yes, I can say that about Reese now that she's left Jake alone - and I can't really think of a demographic it leaves out of the picture. I mean, are there people on Earth who don't want to have Tom Hardy and Chris Pine fight over them? There are not. Four hundred billion dollar gross, guaranteed. The end. TMW is out around Valentine's Day 2012.


Joe Reid said...

And yet: Chelsea Handler.

(Oh, like I'd let that bitch keep me from the other three. But still. I hate that she and Reese are friends.)

Mo said...

Tom Hardy is hideously ugly, Chris Pine is bland, Reese Witherspoon is a bitch and Chelsea Handler is amazing.

This movie FAILS.

James T said...

Why would I want to see Pine and Hardy fight over Reese?
I mean, she got Ryan in real life! That's quite enough in my book.

I do have hopes that the two boys will end up together but I'm just kiddning myself.

homeslaughter said...

Two men fighting over Reese. I think the audience reaction will be the same as when the Joker called Maggie beautiful.I'll laugh with them.

Glenn said...

That looks shit. Action romance-comedies rarely work, do they?

Anonymous said...

i would watch tom hardy in anything.