Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wanna Know Who's Awesome?


Beth Grant is who's awesome, that's who. Not that anybody could have  ever doubted such a thing in the face of so much evidence of awesomeness, but it's good to have solid right-up-in-my-eyeballs confirmation. Last night the 92YTribeca held "Meet the Lady" in which we... met the lady, the lady being bright shiny beautiful Beth herself. Host (and friend of MNPP) Tom Blunt sat her down and we all went on a ride through her career together, from Judge Wapner (speaking of her scene with Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man she told us, "He can fart on command!" I hope he puts that on his resume.) to Sparklemotion to Chucky and beyond! 

Some more fun facts: Director Richard Kelly told her to just whip up a German accent for her character in Southland Tales as she sat in the make-up chair an hour before filming her first scene! Zelda Rubinstein had a sexy ass husband! She once did a version of Madea on stage that involved her naked covered in gold paint being served by Donna Mills! The mind boggles. And every night I spend from here on out will feel a little emptier for not being as much fun as last night was. What a wonderful lady.

"Meet the Lady"'s a monthly series. You can keep track of it here.


Pty said...

I think she looks could be the sister of the woman with the eye patch in Twin Peaks. Or it's just me?

Tom said...

Ahhhh! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for coming, it was maybe the best night of my life. So far, at least -- we're sitting down with Louise Lasser at December's show (think I'll forgo the stripper for that one...).