Friday, October 21, 2011

The Rancid State Of My Not Having Seen Things


My movie continuum has been upended. S'all wonky! On the one hand I've gotten really really behind these past couple of weeks with the movies that've been released in theaters. A list of movies that came out over the past month or so that I had some interest in seeing that I have not seen yet: Contagion, Straw Dogs, Take Shelter, Margaret, 50/50, Dream House, The Ides of March, Real Steel, The Thing, and The Skin I Live In. That is awful. AWFUL.

I've given up on a few of them for various reasons (including some godawful reviews) - Straw Dogs and Dream House and Real Steel will wait for video, I guess. Margaret's already left theaters so that'll be video too. I have no idea if Contagion is still playing and I'm pissed that I haven't found the time for it. 50/50 and The Ideas of March are nowhere near the top of the pile, but I do hope I can get to them. I know The Thing got pretty much laughed out of town, and it's probably going to piss me off when I do see it, but I still feel the need to see it all the same.

That leaves Take Shelter - which I refuse to miss and will force myself to get to this weekend, I swear it! - and The Skin I Live In, which I am actually seeing tonight, I have already bought the tickets, so I can actually scratch one off. Hooray!

Or not hooray! Because there are two more movies out today to pile onto the list! I wasn't sold on Paranormal Activity 3 by any of the trailers and the lingering hatred I have for the second film, but the reviews have been super enthusiastic so now there's no missing it. Dammit! I mean I'm glad it's supposed to be scary, I need a scary movie for my October and all, but still, my poor brains. And Martha Marcy May Marlene I've been looking forward to for months.

On the other hand - continuing the thought from the first paragraph - my movie continuum is screwed up because as far behind as I've gotten with all these movies the reason I got so far behind was The New York Film Festival, and at The New York Film Festival I saw a whole bunch of movies that haven't come out yet. Like if only all these movies I need to catch up on would hang around for the end of November / early December, because I've already seen four of the movies (seen above) that are coming out then! I jumped right to the future and missed the present. I'm a time-traveler! I do not understand your strange customs, and behaviors. Why are you wearing your pants on your head? What is happening???

Anyway what are y'all planning on seeing this weekend? And what have you missed lately that you wanted to see? And what movies I've just mentioned have I got to got to got to make sure I make time for, in your opinion?


Anonymous said...

I saw "Paranormal Activity 3" last night. It was ok I guess, same old shit. I was really expecting the "Catfish" people would do something different with the franchise, but nope, it felt pretty much just like the others (the guy was hot though). I'd give an arm and a leg to see "The Skin that I Live In" or "MMMM", but they haven't opened yet here in Shitsville :-(

John said...

I saw Dream House recently and it was pretty good but the end just gets weird and looses steam. Daniel Craig looks good as usual.

Ames said...

"Martha Marcy May Marlene" is very worthwhile so do make time for it!