Friday, October 07, 2011

Quoth the Raven, Never Crotch!


I wouldn't be bringing this up if somebody else hadn't brought it up first. Not that I'm averse to crotch-watching, of course! Ho ho, not at all. We've done our fair share of it through the years, to be certain! It's just I don't see what they say they are seeing. DH posted a link to that new picture of Noted Homosexual Luke Evans in the upcoming movie The Raven about Egdar Allen Poe (John Cusack plays Poe, Evans plays a detective), and they say this:

"Luke Evans making a sizeable impression in some tight fitting Victorian-era pants..."

Um, okay? I mean, there's some fabric bunching up there is all I see, but perhaps all my long days and nights of practiced penis-watching have been for naught? What says you?
That is the question.

In summation can I just say, I love the internet. That's there's now a place where matters of such dire import can be picked apart and discussed. It's a glorious new age! Viva technology!

1 comment:

SeangSTM said...

Yeah, I love the crotch watching too, but ain't nuthin' noteworthy going on in that picture in that general area...other than bunching.