Friday, October 14, 2011

I Will Show You His Shame


I realized the other day that we hadn't yet seen a trailer for Shame, Steve McQueen's spectacularly affecting reunion with Michael Fassbender - read my review here - which made me sad, mostly because it meant the amount of images I had for posting about the film was seriously limited. So today's release of a trailer, which you can watch over here, makes me happy on several counts - I just like thinking about the movie for one, but for another now we have may more pretty pretty pictures from the film to deal with. Everything's coming up Fassy! Point being, I took a slew of screen-caps, which I will now share.

I need to interject for a moment - in my review I said something about this film reminding me of Radiohead's album OK Computer in its themes of loneliness in relation to technology, and it was that shot above that planted that seed in my brain. There's something very similar to all of Stanley Donwood's amazing art-work attached to that period of Radiohead's out-put...

... with that shot of Fassy jogging and the city-lights blinking and blurring and that "Walk / Don't Walk" sign hanging off the post upside down that it definitely triggered the thought process. Can't tell you if it was intentional on McQueen's part, but the parallels are there, anyway. It wasn't totally outta nowhere, I promise!

Shame is out on December 2nd. I know y'all are not people I need to say this to, but don't miss it. Don't do it!

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