Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Am Link

--- Much Ado About Something - If I hadn't had to spend half my afternoon in the doctor's office yesterday because of these damn back problems I definitely would've had more to say about the news that Joss Whedon apparently directed a version of Much Ado About Nothing in his spare time starring a roster of Whedonverse actors like Amy Acker and Sean Maher, but as is, this'll have to do for now. I'm so far behind and I'm on a lot of painkillers, dudes. EW has some pictures already and an interview with some of the cast and Joss himself. This is crazy. Crazy!

--- Speaking of Joss related things, here's a video of the entire Avengers Q&A from New York Comic Con that I told you about in my report.

--- White Flagg - Ben Affleck might end up directing the new big version of Stephen King's The Stand, which seems like an odd choice to me. I guess the studio wants him, but he wants to make a Whitey Bulger movie, so who knows. Who knows! I think Jennifer Garner could make a good Frannie, maybe? Or a great Mother Abagail.

--- Pick A Boo - Paracinema offers up some horror movies that fell through the cracks - here's part one and here's part two - and they're terrific picks all of them that'll get you through Halloween smartly.

--- Bad Naked People - You should only read this story if you've seen Shame already since it lists off a bunch of spoilers whil talking about why it got the NC-17 rating, but it's an interesting take on how the studio plans to sell the prohibitive film despite the rating limiting the way they can.

--- Hunka Burning - Eric Bana is going to play Elvis? That's not a sentence I ever really envisioned writing. I mean physically I can see him pull it off I guess, but I'm most curious about the voice. It's for a movie about him and Richard Nixon, with Danny Huston playing Nixon, and it's going to be directed by Cary Elwes of all people. This is a strange little thing.

--- Old Girl - I guess Rooney Mara's passed on the female lead in Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy. She's probably going to be awfully busy making Dragon Tattoo movies for awhile, isn't she? And there's only so much abuse one person can enact. She'll want to spend her down-time nuzzling puppies.

--- Women Are From Venus - io9 has some pictures of a trashy-looking Scarlett Johansson on the set of her new movie which sounds like a new entry in the Species series, and all of this sounds so awesome to me I can hardly take it!

--- And finally here's the coolest thing I'm gonna read today - my friend Sean annotated the books in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series! It's for a new iPad app and it sounds delicious. Now I just need an iPad, dammit. I'm stealing your iPad, boyfriend!


Prospero said...

Whedon has directed "Much Ado About Nothing," not "Midsummer."

Jason Adams said...

Whoops fixed it. God I told y'all, I am loopy, sorry about that. Too many painkillers! Thanks, P!

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