Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Am Link

--- Harry'd Away - Me linking to this article slash interview with Glee actor Harry Shum Jr. should be viewed as me seizing the opportunity to post that shirtless picture of him you see there to the left and that alone. It's not the first or even the second time I'll have done that. Let's move on.

--- Placing Panem - Even for a Hunger Games geek like me this series of "District" posters isn't exciting enough to warrant much attention, unfortunately. All I want is, barring footage of Peeta and Gale trying to make a baby, a real trailer already!

--- Bronte Soars Us - This series of photographs of the characters in Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights are pretty pretty things to behold. I want this movie inside of me.

--- Who Blue, He Blue - I may or may not be linking to this selection of gorgeous images from the 1986 film Betty Blue curated by Adam at Club Silencio just in order to include that naked shot of its oft-naked male lead Jean-Hugues Anglade. You'll never know! (Except for it being totally obvious that's what I'm doing.) Let's move on.

--- Let's Get Hysterical - Nat posted about an interesting conversation going on, comparing the two lady crazies on 2011 Fall Oscar Movie Season. Having seen A Dangerous Method a second time last night I definitely have thoughts on the Keira side of this equation, but I still haven't seen Martha Marcy May Marlene unfortunately. A couple more weeks on that one.

--- Son of a Bee-sting - I haven't watched this yet and I'm not entirely sure I want to watch this, but here's the full "sex tape" scene that we saw bits of during the end credits to Bridesmaids. Everybody agrees she was a winner on SNL this past weekend, right? Cheese'n crackahs!

--- In Praise of Jackie - It seemed like there was a long while where it was an uphill battle, screaming it from the rooftops that Jackie Brown is far and away Quentin Tarantino's greatest movie, for those os uf who thought so. But more and more with time the world is swinging around to our opinion. Point being, it feels nice to be RIGHT. Ahem. AICN just chatted with Pam Grier a whole bunch about the movie now that it's out on BluRay.

--- Bombshelled - Have you watched the trailer for My Week With Marilyn yet? Nat gave it the Yes No maybe so treatment. I'm intrigued but it's still hard to tell exactly what angle Michelle Williams has gone for. I think she's placing the emotional aspects of Marilyn as a character over the mimicry ones, which I think is a good idea? I'm seeing the movie on Sunday so I guess I'll know soon enough. Anyway, Dominic Cooper yay!

--- And finally, here's Penn Badgley doing a hot little flash-dance for us all, via Stale Popcorn, to end on the right note, aka the note we started on. Hot. Moving on...


RJ said...

Jackie Brown is QT's best by a mile. It seems like more and more people are coming around to this, too!

I get that we have an idea of what Marilyn Monroe sounded like, but did she sound like that in real life or was that a voice she put on for the cameras? It's possible Williams will be doing that voice for scenes when the film is shooting.

Glenn said...

Yeah, I've been beating that drum for about a decade now. Jackie Brown all the way!