Monday, October 03, 2011

I Am Link

--- Frank With Charlie - Several of today's links could on a lazier day pose as posts all their own, the news contained within them is so good, but I'm just gonna cram 'em all together anyway. Like this: lots more information on Charlie Kaufman's second directorial effort-to-be, called Frank or Francis. Last we'd heard about this was way back in March and details were sketchy - now there's lots!

"Frank or Francis will now feature Kevin Kline in two supporting roles in the film. Here's the best part about it - the project is a satire of Hollywood set to music, that chronicles the back-and-forth between a movie director and an online film critic who delights in "berating his cinematic talent". Jack Black is set to star as the online film critic, with Steve Carell playing a successful director, and Nicolas Cage as "The Emcee", a famous actor."

There's even more at the link. I'm not entirely nuts about that cast, ugh Cage and Black, but the last time Cage was any good was in the Kaufman-scripted Adaptation, and I don't have any doubts that CK can make me see these people in unexpected fashions that seem entirely worthwhile. That's what he does.

--- Thong Song - We've all been wondering just how naked the hot guys in Steven Soderbergh's Male Stripper Movie are gonna be getting - well, co-star Olivia Munn is sharing.

"They're putting on teeny tiny thongs and dancing away... They all have solo dances."

She talks more about how weird it is being on set for these things, wondering if she should be giving them their privacy, which HELL NO, you should be videotaping this shit on your cell phone and tweeting it, lady! God.

--- Horror Four - I feel like such a schmuck that I forgot all about the new horror anthology movie Chillerama, which got a teensy tiny limited release the other week. I've gotta check and see if it's still playing, although I'm terribly behind already and the NYFF onslaught starts in a couple of days for me. Anyway Billy Loves Stu reviewed it, check it out. I want it.

--- Back to the Outback - Oooh a little bit more from Greg McLean on where Wolf Creek 2 stands! Via BD:

"We shoot 'WC2' in Feb 2012 so gearing up to direct that picture now, it's going to be a VERY intense ride of a movie!" In Wolf Creek 2, while seeking an authentic Australian adventure, one unlucky backpacker learns the deepest, darkest secrets of the Outback’s most infamous serial killer (John Jarratt returns).

--- Slave Trade - When we found out Kevin Costner was dropping out of Quentin Tarantino's next movie Django Unchained we were disappointed, but now that Kurt "Icy Hot "Russell's picked up the role all that disappointment's flown right out the window.

--- Dragon Duo - Slash shares some new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo themed pictures that are rather spicy, including that image of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara shotgunning their way into our loins there. Even in stills these two appear to have mad chemistry.

--- In The Zone - Warner Brothers wants to make a new Twilight Zone movie and they are trying to gather up a shit-ton of A list directors to do it with. Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuarón... and if I were either of the former I'd demand the latter's non-participation, because he will own both of their asses if let in.

--- Sweet Seven - There's forward momentum on In Bruges director Martin McDonagh's sophomore effort, Seven Psychopaths, which we've heard about for awhile now. It's got financing and should shoot this Fall. It should star Colin Farrell - so wonderful in Bruges - and Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken and probably Mickey Rourke.

--- Fuck Yeah Fall - I am so happy that October's here! Not only was I able to wear a sweater to work today - sweatah weathah! - but it means all the horror blogs are busting out their wonderful series! Arbogast On Film has started up his 31 Screams projects, and over at Final Girl Stacie is counting down her reader-submitted list of Favorite Horror Movie Characters. Spooky sensations!

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