Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Morning, World


When I posted those pictures of Dylan McDermott in his altogether in the first episode of American Horror Story last week - and by the way, I finally watched that episode last night, which I'll get to in a second - I mentioned it was the first time Dylan had dropped trou so vigorously. From there I felt the need to do some "research" and seek out the few other examples of him getting as close as he'd gotten to that over the years, which led me to this scene of him doing underpanted push-ups in some 2005 movie called The Tenants. Naturally, this is something I felt the need to share.

As for AMH, good god what a nutty ball of all-over-the-map chaos. I guess I liked it, for stretches. Mostly I'm just curious to see if it can sustain that kind of momentum or how it might settle as the series goes along, or what. You should read what Pax had to say over at Billy Loves Stu, I second all of that. I will say that I was alone in the house after watching it and I kept creeping myself out expecting a gimp man to be standing at the door, so it did effectively offer up some lingering shivers.

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Row-bin said...

No real photo record of this, but several years ago Dylan was in a show off-Broadway playing a soldier with PTSD and during one scene he would pull down his tighty-whities and spank his own ass. Which, if memory serves, was his own character choice. He was amazing in the show, with and without ass-revealing.