Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Tex: [stripping Ryan] Hey, looky here: colored drawers.
Tex, Tinker: California.

If it's wrong to get a little bit turned on (okay, a lot) at the thought of Viggo Mortensen tying me up and manhandling me and stripping off my clothes and making fun of my underpants then I will never, ever be right. It's better to not think about the stuff that comes next though, since that's inevitably gonna be such a downer. Although the truth is I've never seen this movie, so I have no idea what comes next. I can just pretend it all sexy stuff, instead of the meat crusade it surely turns into. Hooray!

Have any of you seen this movie?
Should I see this movie? (Of course I should.)

Happy birthday, Viggo!


Anonymous said...

Ah, a flashback to the old days, when Viggo's name was always way, WAY down in the credits and he usually played a bad guy--albeit scorching hot bad guy. He's really had an odd career. Thanks for the memories.

Jasper said...

Let's just say say III is... uh, more ~tolerable~ than the second one. I mean, you seem like someone who digs good/bad cinema and horror shit in general, so I guess it's like required viewing for you.

Glenn said...

The third one is more akin to the Renee Z/McConaughey version, so if you liked that one... personally, I think they're both shit, but I'll watch 'em because they're Texas Chainsaw, ya know? :/

Sarah said...

Well, it's got Viggo and Ken Foree. I agree that it's better than part II, but it's still not very memorable other being the one with Viggo and Leatherface with a mullet. No joke!