Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Wore It Best?

The Edwardian Up-do of Evil?

Ruth Dewitt Bukater (Frances Fisher) in Titanic,
or Lady Tremaine (Eleanor Audley) in Cinderella?


Unknown said...

Better hair goes to Ruth, but better eyebrows goes to Lady Tremaine.

Jason Adams said...

LOL I swear I was just sitting here right before your comment HYPNOTIZED by Frances Fisher's eyebrows. They're so weird!

John said...

I saw Titanic 2 times (once myself and I took my Mom to see it) when it came out in 97 and I wasn't bored, she (FF) played such a damn snotty bitch in it).

olins said...

Uh, Gary Oldman in Dracula of course.

Anonymous said...

I never realized how much Lady Tremaine looked like Jay Leno!