Thursday, September 08, 2011

RIP Rosel Zech


I don't think I've ever mentioned Veronika Voss here but it's one of Fassbinder's most gorgeous films, as you can see in the clip below (which unfortunately doesn't have subtitles, but watch the pictures and behold the beauty anyway). I missed it until today but Rosel Zech, forever immortalized as the languishing movie star Veronika, died last week at 69 years old of cancer. The New York Times has a nice obit of her; apparently she was identified so much with the role her entire life that she had to remind people she wasn't the morphine-addicted wreck she played. Just shows how good she was.



Gabe said...

Wow, this really is beautiful.
But this video is dubbed, right? I mean, aren't they supposed to be speaking German?

Jason Adams said...

Ha yes, it must be dubbed if they're speaking English in it. I'd posted it without having turned the sound up on my computer, only seeing there were no subtitles.

But yes, beautiful, right? The entire movie is similarly astonishing.

HyperionCT said...

Yes it is dubbed, but in Italian, not English!