Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Johann Urb Seven Times


(most via) Johann's one of those dudes who are so attractive he actually makes me exhausted. Like, what am I even bothering pulling in breath for? It is all for naught, I should just stop and let him have all the oxygen, he obviously deserves it more than I do. He is evolution forward, while I lay around on a pile of cheeto dust in the past. Onwards and upwards, pretty man!

He just got cast in the fifth Resident Evil movie (Fifth? Even I, Milla lover, have only seen the first two for god's sake), which is apparently set in a world intent on proving my just-stated theory - only gorgeous models like Milla and Johann and Boris Kodjoe are human, while the rest of us are hideous brain-dead ghouls. I've finally unraveled Paul W. S. Anderson's metaphor! Deep, man!

You can see a previously posted slew of Johann here.

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