Friday, September 09, 2011

I Am Link

--- Haley's Comment - I've been championing Haley Bennett for awhile now. She first caught my eye nearly a year ago in Joe Dante's The Hole 3D, where I wished the entire film had been centered on her. Then she wowed in Gregg Araki's Kaboom, and my love was cemented. Well it appears that Terrence Malick of all people got the memo, and she's now all but signed on to his next movie, which will star Christian Bale. Here's where I scream, "Toldja so, world!" right? Right here? I just hope this doesn't muck up Joe's dream of her playing Johanna in The Hunger Games.

--- La Lizzy - I've mentioned the film adaptation of the book Warm Bodies a few times - it's a so-called "zom-rom-com" starring Nicolas Hoult and Theresa Palmer (who like the just mentioned Haley Bennett is someone who caught my eye over the past year stealing the spotlight from her co-stars, in Palmer's case in the mostly terrible Take Me Home Tonight). Well it's added a couple new cast-members, them being John Malkovich and, especially exciting, Lizzy Caplan! We love Lizzy! Although she really ought to be the star of movies now, not supporting. She oughta be Lois Lane, dammit.

--- Mmmmmatthias - We're finally getting some news on what A Prophet director Jacques Audiard is up to - he's directing something called Rust and Bone, based off a book of short stories, and it will star the always-welcome Marion Cotillard and the always-attractive Matthias Schoenaerts, seen there to the right. You might know him a small part in Paul Verhoeven's Black Book. I swore I'd meant to do a gratuitous post on him once, but haven't. Hello, moment.

--- Hot Hundred - Y'all should head over to Electronic Cerebrectomy and read Aaron's ongoing 100 Favorite Films of the Decade list - so far so spectacular.

--- Sad Quote of the Day - Apparently nobody ever approaches Ryan Gosling asking to stroke his abs. Ryan, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice. You know, to make you feel better.

--- Speaking of ridiculous canned celebrity comments, Matt Damon thinks Jake Gyllenhaal has the sexist bald head around. Hey, MNPP compared their bald heads one time before! And I think Matt's selling himself short. Not to impugn Jake's hot dome, obviously.

--- Roman Reflected - A wonderful piece on recurring motifs in Roman Polanski's films - the beginning being the end, and vice versa - over at Moving Image Source.


Joe Reid said...

God, if Terrence Malick and Christian Bale ever ruined my dream of Haley Bennett as Johanna Mason, I would kill SO MANY PEOPLE. (Actually, a plum role like this could really up her profile, if he releases it in time. Which he probably will, right? That's what he does?)

billybil said...

So I'm really frustrated now. I went over and read ALL of Aaron's 100 Films of the Decade at Cerebrectomy and wanted to leave a comment telling him I was now in love with him, and it was like trying to leave a comment at Fort Knox!! Anyway, maybe you have a direct line and can tell him I LOVED reading his choices, found many of his selections to be fascinating and smart (I also think WATCHMAN was way undervalued!!) and that I'd be willing to have his child (even though I can't really physically do that but I'd sure like him to try with me anyway!). Thank YOU for sending me over there. I'm gonna add that site to my regular round of visits (always after visiting MNPP, of course!). xo