Monday, September 19, 2011

Gratuitous Rob James-Collier


I went into my marathon viewing of Downton Abbey yesterday with only expectations of Maggie Smith centered snarkiness. Have any of you watched the show? It won a couple of Emmys last night, including one for Maggie Smith and her well-beloved and rightly-so snarkiness. It's a costume drama a la Upstairs Downstairs about the upper-class family and the servants who live to serve them set in the 1910s (so far). It's a delight. But I had no idea that a new favorite evil gay was on the way! What a delight to make acquaintances with Thomas the footman, who kept trying, with mixed results, to steal the suitors out from underneath the eldest daughter whose family's desperate to wed her off. (I make that sound slightly more tawdry than the show plays it off as, but that's how everything plays through my brain's filter.) The way he leered at the sexy Turk - "Is that one mine?" - was GOLD. A man after my own heart. Thomas is played by Rob James-Collier, and I'm infatuated. He even got to make out with Charlie Cox, one-time gratuitous-post-of-his-own recipient! It's too wonderful. Hit the jump for more.

I can't wait to see Thomas take on the army in the second season! Blackmailing hot servicemen left and right, we hope!


bcarter3 said...

The second series debuted last night on ITV on the UK. Don't know when the US version will run, but the 3rd series--set after the Armistice and during the 1920s--is in the works.

As always, Maggie Smith steals every scene she's in. I loved the first season, but was irritated by the way it blatantly plagiarized a key episode from "Mrs. Miniver".

Jason Adams said...

I downloaded the first episode of the 2nd series already, I'll probably watch it tonight if I can get to it. Excited! I didn't realize I was already so caught up, I thought there was more than there is.

If you look up "scene stealer" in the dictionary they really need to add, if not her picture, a "See also: Maggie Smith."

SeangSTM said...

*sigh* I do miss him on Coronation Street...that's where most of the shirtless pics are from. Sadly, he was run down (and kersplatted) by his mistress' insane husband on his stag night. Criminy!

Anonymous said...

I think the first season of the show is around seven hours... I watched it back to back and it probably only felt like one hour. It's fascinating and very rarely has a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

I think Thomas Howes is pretty darn cute too.

Anonymous said...

What show are the gray boxers pictures from? thank you