Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pics of the Day

So far Andrea Arnold's made Red Road and Fish Tank, as far as full-length features go, and those are both challenging, fascinating works that make you take notice... so here we are, taking notice of her next movie, an adaptation of Wuthering Heights. It's playing at Toronto next month and they've released the first batch of pictures.

Could use a little bit of Michael Fassbender
in low-slung jeans
, but mostly very pretty!


TB said...

GORGEOUS. Much as I love Andrea Arnold, and as much as I love the idea of Heathcliff being black to match his origins from the slave ship, is it wrong that I'm most happy to see that Effy form Skins is getting some play?

Jason Adams said...

I haven't seen any of Skins so she's new to me. In fact nobody's name leaps off the cast page at first glance as recognizable. Which is fine, I trust AA's instincts.

bea said...

Technically Kaya Scodelario shouldn't be new to you. She had a tiny part in Moon (but which part wasn't tiny compared to Sam?). It's spoilerific to explain, but I think you'll know. I'm excited to see her, she's surprisingly capable for such an "inexperienced" actress.