Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot Double Dom Buns


This is so weird - just last night I intended to check and see if a copy of The Devil's Double had maybe found its way online yet for just this exact purpose. I didn't do it, I got distracted, but that thought must've been my spidey-sense tingling - I have a spidey-sense that only senses the presence of Dominic Cooper's ass, you see; it's quite useful, in many situations - because the movie has indeed found its way online. (via) In terrible low quality as you can tell but hey, we take what we can until we can get better. Believe me, for now this is plenty. Umf.

See the glorious rest after the jump.
(ETA a couple more shots and three gifs!)

For now this is what we got but I know there's even more to be had in the film - I've got frames burned into my retinas permanently that aren't seen here - so once better quality comes along, expect more. And more, and more, and more, and more!

ETA Okay here's a little more. Plus some movement!



Fernando Moss said...

This guy should never be wearing clothes

Anonymous said...

That ass is from outtaspace!