Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Morning, World


And a happy 42nd birthday to Edward Norton. Almost feels like Ed's evaporated these days, doesn't it? I suppose he's always kept his life to himself. Well except whenever Courtney Love is involved but involving her in your life eliminates the possibility of privacy, I think. (Speaking of, happy 19th birthday Frances Bean Cobain!) It always surprises me that MNPP has an "Edward Norton" tag for our posts - he's got to be one the actors I'm most indifferent to to have such an honorable distinction as all that. I mean we'll always have Fight Club, in which I think he's brilliant. American History X, too. These pics are from The Painted Veil, in which I also thought he was very good. (That's an underrated movie in general.) But I found the praise he got right off the bat with Primal Fear to be insanely overblown and came at him with an active dislike for awhile. Still, now I kinda miss him. Hopefully he'll be great in Wes Anderson's new movie (hopefully that whole movie will be great. Tilda!)

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