Monday, August 29, 2011

Burke and Hare in 150 Words or Less


Based with let's say some flourishes of whimsy on the real-life pair of murderers that plagued 19th Century Edinburgh, John Landis' film Burke and Hare got kind of savaged by critics (and has only gotten a release On Demand here in the States), but call me crazy I kinda enjoyed it. I'd rather watch Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis as leads then half of the duds Hollywood tosses up, and the background's stuffed with lots of great-to-see faces - Isla Fisher, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee, Tom Wilkinson, and especially Jessica Hynes as Hare's enthusiastic lady.

The tone is ardently silly, which appears to have thrown off some reviewers - how dare a movie make light of murder! - as if that's a pairing that's never been attempted before. It felt very old-fashioned actually, like something Vincent Price might've made on a spare weekend back in the late 40s.

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