Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apparently The One Day...


... of the year that gets revisited several years over in that romantic-drama One Day with Anne Hathaway (and Anne Hathaway's British accent) and Jim Sturgess (and Jim Sturgess's newly-minted pectoral muscles) is July 15th, aka my birthday. Hmm, what does it mean? It would be nice to know that the candles on my cake weren't the only thing I'd be blowing that day. So I'll take it to mean that then. Good? Good. Anybody seen it yet?


olins said...

I liked it. There is a "twist" near the end that I knew nothing about going in. It really changed the mood. Perhaps this is karma for all my bitching about Stranger Than Fiction.

Pk said...

I really liked what I saw, but I only saw about half of it (family emergency, had to leave the theater). Though Anne's accent is god-awful, the Jim Sturgess ass-exposure made up for it.